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Our Story


JORVIC Flavor Blast is born between the partners at JORVIC International Company, a leader in the industry of Spices, Herbs and Seasonings, since 2012. We ensure that we deliver only the best premium quality ingredients without compromising safety, quality, or price. Over the years, we grew to become one of the best leaders in the industry.


In 2016, we gathered and JORVIC Flavor Blast was born by selecting only the best ingredients to craft a perfect seasoning. As we grow we have become an Eco-friendly business designed to bring gourmet premium quality spices, herbs and seasonings to our customers. We know, the best product comes from experience, and know the very best in Accuracy, Agility to Process, Culinary Vision, Ethical, Fast Turn Around, Flavor Perfectionist, High Quality Ingredients, Integrity and the most important of all Knowledge.

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